Unique Wood Watch Designs That Have No Match!!

Otto Case presents the ultimate style statement to the nature lovers featuring blocking designed wood watches made of real wood. The watch dial and straps are made of varied colored wood combinations. And, you get hundreds of custom designs and ready-made engraved watch-dial patterns in our e-store.

The greatest perk of Otto Case is it is the one-stop shop for all. You can get watches at as low price as $31.79 to as high as $200. So, everybody is welcome here to find their desired wood watch at a decent price, inclusive of discount offers. ...Being an eco-friendly product manufacturer, we encourage maximum usage of biodegradable raw materials while eliminating plastic/fibre-based materials in the making of our products.

We use the Hardlex mirror to the watch dial ensuring better protection to the tachometer. Other than that, every watch varies in weight according to their respective models and appearance. However, none is too heavy to wear for long. We use light yet sturdy wood material to deliver maximum comfort to the user.

The watches are embedded with Japanese technology (high quality movement, quartz movement). Plus, they come with a one-year warranty. However, if your watch shows irregularities within 30 days of its purchase, our company will refund the amount in no time. So, in all the way, your money won't be wasted as we are highly committed to ensuring our customer's satisfaction.

Care and maintenance:

  • Use orange or lemon oil extract to clean the watch strap
  • Avoid leaving the watch in place of extreme hot, cold, or dry environment

Why wear a wood watch?

  • Durable and lightweight
  • No chemical color added but a naturally appearing real wood colored texture
  • Safe to the ecosystem
  • Affordable
  • Classic unique outlook that has no match