OTTO CASE values our customers and works hard to ensure their complete satisfaction. Before, during and after every sale, we will be there to answer any questions and to provide them with the best experience possible. 

We specialize in sourcing the highest quality wooden cell phone cases and cell phone accessories for a wide range of cell phone brands and models. Our main goal is to bring a new beautiful natural twist to smartphone cases and accessories.

If you want a wide selection of universal smartphone cases and accessories, friendly customer service and a team of professionals dedicated to your retail needs, choose OTTO CASE today!




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Being wholesaler with OTTO has never been easier. OTTO became registered supplier in major wholesale marketplace FAIRE. Benefits working with OTTO at FAIRE:

  • FREE to sign up
  • Risk free wholesale
  • NET 60 terms on all order for brick & mortar stores
  • One year FREE shipping
  • Limited time: $100 off your first order when you sign up here


You need to provide following items to us before signing up with FAIRE platform:

  • Resale tax certificate
  • Your retail location's lease that shows one year in term
  • Last 3 months business bank statements 


Once your paperwork is submitted, we will register your account over our link and you will receive an email from FAIRE.





  • Fill out the form below. OTTO Wholesale Sales Team will get in touch with you.
  • You should create an account from the top menu. Click on ACCOUNT and then REGISTER, then fill out the form.
  • Your account will be marked as wholesaler and you will be informed once the process is completed.
  • Then, you can login and start placing order from the link below.


To reach out our wholesale page to place order, please click here







1. OTTO Cart Concept for Malls

  • Easy to operate
  • Low startup cost
  • Laser machine can be integrated into it. You can make cases right in front of customers in minutes
  • Several display options depending on budget. We help you with making display
  • 2 weeks preparation time



2. OTTO Kiosk Concept for Malls

  • Professional operation required
  • Sustainable business for long period
  • Laser and color machine can be integrated into it. You can make cases right in front of customers in minutes. 
  • Financing option is available for kiosk display and laser/color machines
  • 6 weeks preparation time



3. OTTO Stand Alone Display for Stores

  • Total up to 96 cases can be displayed on front and back side
  • Cases come with professional and safe packaging
  • Dedicated hooks for magnet holders. Magnet holder is an upsale along with cases
  • Stand alone display comes free with minimum 36 pieces of case purchase
















4. OTTO Dropship Program for E-Commerce and Retail Stores

  • 1-2 business day handling time
  • Full design catalog is available for dropshipping
  • Custom case is also available for dropshipping
  • You can simply place order by selecting design for regular cases, uploading photo or designing case for custom cases
  • Flat shipping fee for domestic and international orders
  • 2-5 business days shipping time for domestic orders
  • 4-10 business days shipping time for international orders






  • Already built, ready to setup OTTO Kiosk Concept
  • 10' x 10' size
  • Financing options available