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Real Wood - San Judas - Engraved


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As nationwide wooden cellular cases company, we meticulously designed the most preferable, well-protected edges with 26 feet drop-tested, with a unique looking, laser-engraved and wood crafted iPhone & Samsung phone models; our phone cases have been such great visionary in today’s expanding and innovative cellular market.

By saying its unique visual and attention-grabbing specifications, our special High-Tec designed and engineered wooden phone cases have great features of enhancing its quality more than ever.

If we list the features of our wooden phone cases that are;

  • Natural and durable wood surface
  • Enhanced rubber bumper to hold your phone
  • Metal plate inserted to be used with magnet holders
  • SIM card and PIN compartments
  • High-quality polycarbonate unique visual
  • 4 sided shock absorbance bumper
  • 26 feet drop tested
  • High edges for screen protection
  • Easy use and soft buttons
  • Enlarged easy access charging port, headphones, speaker hole
  • Engraved or color printed designs on wood surface
  • Endless design options (800+ currently and increasing
  • Universal cases that fit on multiple smartphones
  • Curved stylish wood edges
  • Variety of wood types among bamboo, cherry, walnut, rose
  • Color coded cases such as natural wood, black, white



  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 5/5S/SE Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6/6S/7/8 Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6+ / 6s+ / 7+ / 8+
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6+/6S+/7+/8+ Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 6 / 6s / 7 / 8 / SE2
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone XR
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone Xs Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11 Pro
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 11 Pro Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 Mini
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 / 12 Pro
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12/12 Pro Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone 12 Pro Max
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone X / Xs
  • Otto Case - ArrowiPhone X/Xs Universal


  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 8
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 9
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 10
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 10+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 20
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung Note 20 Ultra
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung A20/A30 Universal
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung A50
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S7
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S7 Edge
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S8
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S8+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S9
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S9+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S10E
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20 Ultra
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S20 FE
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21+
  • Otto Case - ArrowSamsung S21 Ultra

Jude or Saint Judas was best known as one of the 12 Apostles of Jesus Christ. He was a great devout of Jesus. He was killed because of his extreme devotion towards Jesus. He is considered to be the direct intercessor to Christ. It is believed that if anyone prays to Judas in his/her difficulty, Jesus himself comes to heal his or her pain. So, in that case this particular mobile cover can be the best-ever gifting options for religious people. This amazingly engraved wooden phone adds extra beauty to your latest model smartphone! The phone cover is sturdy, durable and provides your cellphone maximum protection from all kinds of dust and dents. This case protects your phone from breakage and it is fully water resistant too. The phone cover is constructed of 100% natural raw materials. Otto Case tries its best to preserve the woods' natural color and texture while manufacturing wooden phone cases. The case is purely nature-friendly and nontoxic. The wooden texture gives the phone case a classic vintage look.