Wooden Wireless Charger for Smartphones

Enough Of Those Tangled Cables Already?

Get a wireless charger for your Qi-enabled Smartphone today. The futuristic technology is meant to untangle the lives of our gadgets for a seamless performance. At Otto Cases, we offer wooden wireless chargers for a range of Smartphones, including Android and iPhone. Our portable chargers are environment-friendly and sustainable, not to mention sturdy durable. Coming to the charging speed, they offer a Quick Charge Output of up to 10 watts, thus surpassing the performance of other third-party wireless chargers. Our portable wireless chargers can also be a suitable travel companion with fast-charging capacities to meet urgencies.

Appearance Matters

When it comes to the appearance of our wireless chargers, they look sober and suitable for flaunting on a work desk. Besides, the Otto wireless chargers can function as a pen-holder, or a wooden alarm clock, thus serving multiple functions in a single device. These wooden wireless chargers are versatile, and you can place them horizontally or vertically, depending on the available space. They are compatible with all types of Qi-enabled Smartphones, without any exception.

So, whether you are looking for an Apple iPhone wireless charger or a Samsung wireless charger, look no further than Otto Cases.

Appearance Matters
Salient Features of Our Wireless Chargers

Salient Features of our Wireless Chargers

  • Made of pure and natural wood (Rosewood, Walnut, Bamboo, and Cherry)
  • Eco-friendly, durable, and recyclable
  • Serve multiple functions (charger + pen holder + alarm clock)
  • Sturdy and not easily breakable
  • Compatible with all kinds of Qi-enables mobile phones
  • Fast charging speed and high-power efficiency

Best Seller Designs

Buy Our Wooden Alarm Clock Wireless Charger

Now you can place your phone on a sleek and stylish wooden alarm clock to get it charged. Our exclusive wooden alarm clock wireless phone charger is sound-activated and exudes an earthly essence that is perfect for any residential or commercial space. It displays LED time, date, and temperature values, and you can put the clock in the sleep mode to prevent untimely alarms. As it is sound-activated you can create any sound, like a clasp or a clap, greater than 60DB to wake the clock up.

Buy our quirky alarm clock + wooden wireless charger to take the appearance and functionality of your work station a notch up. And if you need a simple charging stand, choose one from our collection of unique and minimalistic wireless chargers.

Wooden Alarm Clock Wireless Charger

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